New Lawsuit Seeks Nullify Election Results In Wisconsin

A new lawsuit has been filed in the state of Wisconsin that is requesting the state Supreme Court to toss out the results of the 2020 presidential election, stating that the election commission encouraged “illegal” absentee ballot drop boxes to be placed across the state.

According to the petitioner of the case, Dean Mueller, the direction pushed out by the Wisconsin Elections Commission led to more than 500 of the alleged drop boxes being placed without express legal permission.

via Washington Examiner:

“Therefore, the ballot drop boxes that it encouraged the elections official to set up in 72 counties throughout the State of Wisconsin are illegal. Therefore, the ballots placed within the drop boxes are illegal ballots and cannot be counted under Wisconsin law,” the petition states.

Mueller contends that the Wisconsin Elections Commission acted outside of the legislative process in doing so and wants the Supreme Court to separate those absentee ballots dropped in boxes from the count, but if that is not possible, he wants to have the election nullified.

Karen Mueller, who according to Wisconsin Public Radio is Dean Mueller’s wife, wrote that should the election be tossed by the court, it should notify the state legislature and direct it to arrange a new election prior to Dec. 14, when electors across the country vote, or to appoint the state’s 10 electors.

American voters are trying very hard to ensure the integrity of our election system, which is why you see so many of these folks coming out and stating what they have witnessed.

Whether or not all of these allegations of fraud are true or not needs to be determined by a thorough investigation. However, we cannot ignore the sheer bulk of evidence that has come to the surface that most definitely calls some strange results into question.

Here’s to hoping we get to the bottom of this sooner rather than later.