New China CDC Report Says Wuhan COVID Infections Could Be 10 Times Higher Than Reported

A new study on coronavirus antibodies from the population of Wuhan, ground zero for the spread of the virus, that was conducted back in the spring suggests that the actual number of COVID-19 infections might actually have been 10 times higher than numbers that were reported to health officials.

The question now is whether or not Chinese Communist Party officials were aware of this discrepancy and decided to try and bury it to save face, or actually allowed the virus to get out on purpose due to how easily it spreads?

via Fox News:

Of the 11 million people living in the city, China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found 4.43% had antibodies for the virus. That percentage amounts to nearly 500,000 people who had contracted the novel virus, but at the time, the city was reporting about 50,000 infections.

The CDC study involved a sampling of more than 34,000 people in Wuhan and six nearby provinces. Wuhan is where the virus was first detected nearly a year ago.

Outside of Wuhan, the study found the prevalence of antibodies was significantly lower, registering 0.44%. The CDC said that the low rate indicated that Wuhan’s disease control measures “effectively prevented the virus from spreading on a large scale,” according to the South China Morning Post, however, the containment measures and when officials chose to act has since come under intense scrutiny.

Experts weighed in on the discrepancy in the number of infections stating that the reason for it could be due to problems with testing, as well as asymptomatic spread.

However, other recent studies have found that the potential for asymptomatic spread are extremely low, so that leaves testing mishaps as the only real explanation for the numbers. Other than purposeful deception.

There’s a lot of funny business going on in China. What, exactly, that is, is anyone’s guess.