New Bill Requires NYC Residents To Pay $3 Surcharge For Delivery Items To Help Fund Subway System

After millions of people across the country have lost their jobs and many have watched their businesses get shutdown due to the measures taken during the coronavirus pandemic, New York City is considering a $3 surcharge on delivery items.

So they don’t want you to go to the store because you might spread COVID. But if you stay home they find a way to basically, essentially, tax you for ordering things and having them delivered to your house.


via Daily Wire:

The bill, proposed by Democrat Assemblyman Robert Carroll, would charge customers for items they ordered online, except for medicine and food. The surcharge would purportedly be used to help New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority address its budget issues, NBC New York reported.

Carroll said the tax on residents could raise more than $1 billion a year. He also wrote in a joint op-ed for the Daily news that the tax could force New Yorkers to shop at local small businesses instead of online giants like Amazon and Walmart.

“A delivery surcharge will also undoubtedly encourage consumers, and the Amazons of the world, to more regularly consolidate multiple items into a single package for delivery,” wrote Carroll, along with John Samuelsen, International President of the Transport Workers Union.

This bill sends a conflicting message. All of these liberal politicians are trying to demand that folks stay home, but now they’re turning around and penalizing people for staying home.

Government is totally inept. Totally. Inept. If this doesn’t prove it, I’m not sure what else will.

Those who are in poor neighborhoods might be forced to go out to brick-and-mortar stores to purchase the things they need in order to avoid the surcharge.

Here’s to hoping this ridiculousness is shot down by the state legislature.