New Biden Executive Order Could Lead To Being Fined By TSA If You Don’t Wear A Mask

The Transportation Security Administration has now been authorized to issue fines to passengers who refused to comply with new mask mandates on public transportation systems, thanks to a new executive order signed by President Biden during his first week in office.

On the second day Biden was in office, he signed an executive order that mandated all passengers on public transportation would have to wear a mask, including commercial aircraft, public maritime vessels including ferries, bus services, and trains.

via Daily Wire:

“The TSA will require travelers to wear masks through airport screening checkpoints and throughout all public transportation systems beginning Tuesday,” The Hill reported. “TSA workers are authorized to deny entry or boarding to passengers who refuse to wear masks, and those passengers could be subject to fines.”

“Starting on February 2, 2021, TSA will require individuals to wear a mask at TSA airport screening checkpoints and throughout the commercial and public transportation systems. This requirement will remain effective until May 11, 2021,” TSA announced in a press release issued Sunday. “The federal face mask requirement extends to the nation’s domestic network of airports; passengers and crew members flying aboard airplanes operated by domestic and foreign air carriers with inbound flights to U.S. ports of entry; and surface transportation modes, such as passenger rail, bus systems, and over-the-road bus companies. Passengers without a mask may be denied entry, boarding, or continued transport,” the release added.

“Failure to comply with the mask requirement,” the agency said, “can result in civil penalties.”

That, my friends, is clearly a form of coercion and it doesn’t seem to be bothering our Democratic president in the slightest to ppunish people for simply attempting to breathe.

Is this really where we are now as a country? I don’t think the left is ever going to allow us to get back to normal. They don’t want us to be normal because that means they don’t have the same level of power and authority over us that they have now.

Sad but true.