Nevada Governor Issues Three-Week ‘Statewide Pause’ After Spike In COVID Cases

The state of Nevada is now experiencing a huge spike in coronavirus cases, which has led to Gov. Steve Sisolak opting to put a “statewide pause” into effect for the next three weeks.

“As of today, 13 of 17 of our counties are flagged for elevated risk of transmission. In the beginning of October, only two counties were flagged,” Gov. Steve Sisolak said during a press conference held on  Sunday. “Our statewide positivity rate is at a record 16.5 percent, and as I mentioned, we’ve surpassed 2,000 deaths.”

“All available models indicate that Nevada is in a “red zone” and our health experts anticipate continued case growth based on current trends,” he said. “In fact, 10% of all COVID cases recorded in Nevada since the beginning of the pandemic were reported in the last seven days. Every minute, a Nevadan is diagnosed with COVID-19,” Sisolak stated.

via Fox News:

He also warned that hospitals are experiencing staffing shortages. “We are on a rapid trajectory that threatens to overwhelm our health care system, our frontline health workers, and your access to care,” he added. “So it’s time to act.”

As a result, Sisolak issued what he called a “statewide pause” for at least the next three weeks. The pause, which goes into effect Nov. 24 at 12:01 a.m., involves a stronger mask mandate and new capacity limits.

According to Sisolak, Nevadans and visitors are required to wear a mask at all times, whether indoors or outdoors, when not in the presence of someone who is part of their household.

No additional businesses will be closed. However, occupancy at both indoor and outdoor restaurants and bars occupancy will be reduced to 25 percent. No more than four people will be allowed at one table, and reservations will be required.

“I know the majority of our bars and restaurants are doing their best, but these settings are proven to be high risk because they allow the opportunity for people to remove their face coverings in indoor settings around people outside of their household. That’s how the virus spreads,” Sisolak went on to say.

If you own and operate a gym, fitness center, dance studio, or martial arts studio, you have to keep the attendance of your business under 25 percent capacity and masks are to be worn at all times unless a patron is in the action of drinking.

Sisolak also said that if an activity it too strenuous to do with a mask on, an alternative activity is to be sought out.

Guys, this is the definition of a fear merchant. This person is taking unreasonable precautions that are going to end up having a significant negative impact on the local communities in the state, especially small businesses.

Believe it or not, there are other restrictions too. Most malls and indoor retail operations will have to operate below 50 percent capacity. Any retail or grocery store is to post an employee at every entrance to count the patrons coming inside.

Folks, this is getting out of hand. Much damage has been done to our economy as this virus has been politicized. Here’s to hoping folks come back to their senses sooner rather than later.