Neighbors Allegedly Pen Letter To Person With Trump Sign, Saying ‘You Simply Do Not Care About Us’

How do you know that America is more divided along political lines right now than ever before in the nation’s history? Well, excluding that time during the Revolution and Civil War.

By the fact that neighbors are ticked off at each other over having political signs in their yard showing support for their candidate of choice.

Fox News contributor Guy Benson posted up a letter that was written to a friend’s neighbor all because they had a Trump sign in the yard. This is ridiculous.

via Daily Caller:

“Thank you for proudly and prominently displaying your signs of political support! These symbols make it impossible for us to ignore how you truly feel about us as your neighbors,” said the handwritten note, which was signed “your neighbors who dare to be different.”

The letter continued, “They make abundantly clear to those of us who are women, people of color, immigrants and those who may worship or love differently than you that you simply do not care about us at all.”

“We know that in our times of need, if we are scared or hurting, we cannot turn to you for help because you hold no charity or grace in your heart for us,” the letter continued.

“P.S. If you believe yourself to be a Christian (which we assume is also likely) thank you for further proving that you do not hold true Christian values or follow the teaching of Christ, who preached love and acceptance for all your neighbors. We sure hope you enjoy the heat!”


There’s a lot of assuming going on in this letter. And you know what they say about assuming, right? I think you know where I’m headed with that.

Sure, who someone supports for president might clue you in somewhat to the kind of worldview that person has, or at least a few aspects of it, but it doesn’t give you a complete picture of who that person is and what they are like.

For folks on the left to act like this and claim tolerance is absurdity of the highest order. There’s nothing tolerant about this. It’s very shameful behavior.

Well, that causes quite a conundrum, doesn’t it? Here’s a person who destroys the narrative that only white people support the president. Folks on the left are willing to be racist toward someone when they aren’t part of their groupthink.

Pretty sad.