NBC’s “Election Confessions” Tell Quite A Bit About The American Voting Public

Not everyone has quality information about presidential candidates or their policies, but you can bet your boots most folks have an opinion about them.

For whatever crazy reason, someone over at NBC decided that this would be a good thing to draw attention to. Thus “Election Confessions” was born.

“Tell us what you really think about the 2020 election. What are your thoughts on the presidential candidates? How do you feel about the race itself so far? About the state of the country?” the website for this fun little platform reads, encouraging visitors to “Share your anonymous confession with NBC News.”

Don’t tempt America with a good time, y’all.

While it seems that there’s no deeper motive on NBC’s part than to hear from Americans and possibly feature a few “confessions” in their election coverage, the statements offered so far are pretty telling.

Take, for example, this:

One man’s screeching harpy is another man’s strong, independent woman, I suppose.


That is the single most succinct example of why grifting is bad, mmkay, I’ve ever seen.

Well, that’s a kind of single-issue voting I’ve never heard of.

While many people do appear to have expressed their thoughtful, remotely informed opinions on the 849 billion candidates, let’s instead poke fun at the craziest ones we can find:

Michael Bennet:






Joe Biden:








Cory Booker:

Steve Bullock:


Pete Buttigieg:

Bill de Blasio


John Delaney







Tulsi Gabbard







Kirsten Gillibrand







Kamala Harris







John Hickenlooper







Beto O’Rourke







Bernie Sanders







Elizabeth Warren







And, just for funsies, here’s one of the better confessions about Donald Trump: