Nancy Pelosi Slams Catholic Trump Voters Ahead Of Prayer Breakfast Event

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi went off on Catholic Trump supporters just ahead of his appearance at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, apparently because she isn’t interested in seeing the Democratic Party win over that particular demographic to her side of the aisle.

Pelosi made her scathing comments during an event that was hosted by a liberal nun activist — yes, they do exist — Simone Campbell, where she expressed “dismay” that Trump was invited to the prayer breakfast event.

Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

“What would Christ do? We always say that,” Pelosi said. “Well, there’s a big difference between what Christ would do and what they’re honoring this morning.”

When introducing Pelosi, Campbell said that her event, though taking place “in the shadow” of the NCPB, was intended to combat the “all-too-flawed, narrow, and politically opportunistic view of our faith” that the president’s Catholic supporters take. Campbell, who has been investigated by the Vatican for her statements on abortion, also praised the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her work on women’s rights, especially women “on the economic margin.”

The NCPB, which has previously hosted former President George W. Bush, typically brings together conservative Catholics and members of church hierarchy. This year, the breakfast drew much attention after it announced that it will honor Attorney General William Barr, a Catholic, with an award for his “long history of dedicated public service and his commitment to the defense of the vulnerable and religious liberty.”

It’s funny, you know? The radical left loves Catholics so long as they don’t actually practice their faith or believe that the principles contained in the Scriptures for moral living apply to the political realm, which is pretty inconsistent with what Christ teaches about being an authentic disciple.

If you dare to actually be consistent and apply your principles across the board, well, then you’re an extremist. Mostly because you are useless to the political causes the radical left wishes to use religion to exploit.