Nancy Pelosi Says What We’ve All Been Dreading To Hear: ‘I’m Never Giving Up On BBB’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has come out and stated on Thursday during a press conference that she is going to keep on trying to send President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Plan to his desk, stating, “I’m never giving up on BBB.”

For the love of all that’s good and holy in this world, woman. Just hang it up already.

And while you’re at it, retire.

via Washington Examiner:

The $2.4 trillion social spending legislation, which includes key portions of the president’s domestic agenda, was passed by the House last year but is stalled in the Senate. West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a centrist Democrat, raised objections to the size and scope of the bill and his concerns about increasing inflation, saying in December that he would not vote in favor of the legislation.

Manchin reiterated his opposition this week, telling reporters the bill is “dead.”

Democrats have a razor-thin 50-50 majority, dependent on Vice President Kamala Harris’s tiebreaking vote in her role as president of the Senate. No Republicans are expected to vote for the bill, so Senate Democrats cannot pass it without winning Manchin’s support.

Pelosi appeared undeterred by the Senate roadblock. “There’s so much in there that’s really important,” she said, including the child tax credit and provisions to address climate change.

The House Speaker then argued that the bill would end up lowering rather than increasing inflation. Insert an eye roll here.

“It’s about lowering costs for the American people,” Pelosi went on to say.

Enough already.