Nancy Pelosi Goes Off On PBS Reporter And Accuses Her Of Being GOP ‘Advocate’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi isn’t exactly known for being someone who is of sound mind, having said, done, and called for rather extreme measures to be taken against President Trump and his administration during the last several years he’s been in office.

However, her recent behavior with a PBS News Hour anchor by the name of Judy Woodruff shows that she’s just a tad bit unstable when being asked the hard questions. As we all know by now, the mainstream media isn’t ever going to hold leftists accountable for the things they say and do, so when this sort of resistance happens, it doesn’t go over well.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire:

“The other point Republicans are making,” Woodruff says midway through the interview, “is they are now showing flexibility in money for state and local governments. This is, again, a difference; Democrats want more money, Republicans want a lot less. They are saying they are willing to show flexibility, and they are also saying that a lot of money that was passed in the spring, Madam Speaker, has not even been spent yet.”

This is the point at which Pelosi flipped her wig.

“Well, if you want to be an advocate for them, Judy, if you want to be an advocate for them, let’s know what the facts are.”

Woodruff responded that she’s simply playing “devil’s advocate” challenge the Speaker. Which is totally fair and honestly a bit of good journalism. Folks on both sides of the aisle need to be pushed and challenged. That’s how we know what these individuals really believe.

Still, Pelosi wasn’t too pleased.

“No, you aren’t,” Pelosi shot back. “The point is we have a bill that meets the needs of the American people. It’s called the HEROES Act. They don’t even want to do state and local, and when they do, it’s very meager and they want to revert to money from before. Much of the money that was allocated before has been spent or allocated. A small amount has not because they want to see what we’re doing in this bill.”

“We have $915 billion for states, localities, counties, and the rest, tribal governments, and territories. They have very little money that they are offering. When we have a chance and when we are allowed to show you what the different numbers are, our record is clear,” Pelosi barked on. “We will find our common ground, but I don’t think in any way as a legislator that what they are proposing has any recognition of what is happening to the lives, the livelihood, and the life of our democracy.”


Someone apparently for got to take their medication this morning. Perhaps she’s just hungry and needs a Snickers bar? Anyone able to provide for this pressing need? We don’t need any mad hatters out there in Congress. There are too many as it is.

Regardless, this just goes to show you how divided Congress is over how best to help folks suffering during this economic crisis caused by fearful measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus.