MUST WATCH: Sparks Fly As Fight Breaks Out Between Jordan, Nadler Concerning Rules For Showing Video At Garland Hearing

Things got pretty intense Thursday between Reps. Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, and Jerry Nadler, a Democrat from New York during a House Judiciary Committee hearing that featured Attorney General Merrick Garland concerning giving notice to show a video that showed parents at school board meetings.

Nadler was not happy about Jordan showing the footage on the grounds that he didn’t give a 48 hour notice to the committee before he showed the video.

As Jordan attempted to respond to the decision, Nadler went on to say “that’s out of order, this is not debatable,” going on to say later on that he was simply following the protocol that was set down by previous GOP Chairman, Rep. Bob Goodlatte.

“What’s out of order is that there is no rule that requires a 48-hour notice, that’s what out of order,” Jordan stated.

“There is such a rule,” Nadler went on to say, which then prompted Jordan to argue once again that there is not.

via The Hill:

Jordan later tried to argue that the stipulation about providing 48 hours’ notice is not a rule but a piece of protocol.

“It’s a video about parents at school board meetings,” Jordan went on to state, as he became increasingly visibly frustrated. “Moms and dads speaking at school board meetings. And you guys aren’t going to let us play it?”

Nadler in response read the official stipulation that mandates the 48 hours’ notice.

“Mr. Chairman, obviously you’re not going to let us play it and obviously you’re going to censor us, which is sort of the conduct of the left today it seems and Democrats today it seems,” Jordan fired back.

This whole situation with Garland coming down hard on parents at school board meetings should demonstrate to the average American that the radical left in this country definitely doesn’t want any interference in their indoctrination of today’s youth.

What our kids are being taught in public schools around the country should be scrutinized by the parents who have the primary role in raising and educating their children. Not the state, contrary to what liberals are taught in college.