MUST SEE: Maskless Man Gets Yanked Out Of School Board Meeting By Security Guard

A security guard decided to abuse his authority and yank a maskless man who was sitting quietly during a school board meeting in Webster, New York on Tuesday evening allegedly due to the fact the he was not wearing a mask.

According to the Daily Wire, “In the video, which can be viewed below, the security guard walks up to the man, who is sitting down without a mask on, and talks to him for about four seconds, though it’s unclear what is said. Then the security guard grabs the back of the man’s chair, drags him backward, and proceeds to grab the man by the back of the jacket until the jacket is completely off the man. The man then turns around and faces the security guard.”

The woman who recorded the footage can be heard yelling, “What are you doing?! What are you doing?! Holy crap. Holy crap.”

Another woman at the meeting then said to the security guard, “Do you put your hands on our children, too?”

The security guard then points at the door and crowds the man who is trying to sit back down in his seat. While the man is sitting, the security guard then grabs the chair with one hand under the seat and the other on the chair until it is tipped so far forward the man tips out of the chair, though he ended up landing on his feet.

“Then two security guards, including the man who tipped the man out of the chair, push the man out of a back door as the man tries to resist his exit. People are heard yelling, ‘What are you doing?’ and ‘Do you do that to the kids?'”

The footage then shows a police officer calmly walking out the door of the room to where the man has been physically removed.

In a video that was posted on a Facebook page called “ROC for Educational Freedom,” a woman who as actually in attendance at the meeting went on to claim the man actually had to go to an urgent care following the situation.

“She also explained that the maskless man was approached by the security guard while a student was in front speaking. The school board, she said, always brings up children who ‘love the school’ and ‘love the superintendent’ to speak when there is a hot issue parents want to voice concern over, adding that the kids who speak are clearly ‘hand selected,'” the Daily Wire reported.

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