Muslim Activist Linda Sarsour Caught Stealing From Hurricane Harvey Victims, But Texas Refused To Stay Silent About It

Hurricane Harvey came with a a fury not seen in the state of Texas in the past two decades, or perhaps more. This devastating time triggered Americans to act unified, landing each other a helping hand.

However, for some (read the lefties) this tragedy became the perfect ground for earning an illegal buck or two. For instance, a Muslim jihadist and strong anti-Trump protester has been trying to rip off victims affected by the disaster, and would almost get away with it, before he was stopped.

The state of Texas remained enraged at the man’s move, that got Mossad involved on it as well. So, basically, all hell broke loose as the radicals tried to pull the nasty move.

The infamous radical, Linda Sarsour, actually found a clever way to derail Hurricane Harvey funds to an organization of her choosing. She actually posted a now-deleted Tweet, urging Americans to donate for Hurricane Harvey to the TOP organization, which is in fact a communist-based branch, unrelated to the emergency state whatsoever. When Texas and the Mossad took note of what Sarsour was doing, they were quick to respond:

Sorsour tried to pull herself out of the mess, shifting the blame onto the alt-right.

Sarsour soon became enraged, after realizing she had lost all her text threards on her iPhone:

She has long and elaborate anti-government training, which could even mean a violent force if necessary. Now, this is something we need to worry about. These are the people that allow themselves to live in this country, and yet, destroy it.

But, all praise goes to Texans for confronting this vulture and exploiting the dark side of America.

Via Conservative Media