MSNBC Host Joy Reid Puts Joe Rogan On Blast In Strange COVID Rant

MSNBC host Joy Reid took an opportunity to rip into enormously popular podcast host Joe Rogan during a very strange rant against conservative folk concerning vaccines, stating that Rogan said “it was okay” to not wear a mask and attack clerks.

Reid made these comments during a monologue on her program, “ReidOut” on MSNBC Monday.

Reid then went after “white, so-called Christian conservatives” in her babbling rant, referring to this specific group of individuals as “special citizens.”

“I don’t want to wear a mask, and if you try to make me, I’ll attack the low-waged clerks at the store or at the Burger King. And I don’t wanna to get vaccinated either. People get sick from me? Oh well, not my problem. Joe Rogan said it was fine,” Reid continued.

“My kids aren’t going to mask up to protect those other kids. F those other kids; their parents are probably commies anyway,” she continued.

via Daily Wire:

The shot at Rogan likely referred to his ongoing outspoken statements against vaccine mandates. Rogan also recently hosted Dr. Robert Malone after the doctor was banned from Twitter over his statements related to COVID-19.

Rogan’s episode was later removed from YouTube. As The Daily Wire previously reported:

“This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines,” now shows where the episode was previously posted.

“During the interview, Malone, who claims to be part of a collaboration that reportedly created the mRNA technology widely used in the COVID-19 vaccines, talked about vaccines, mandates, amongst other pandemic-related topics,” the Post Millennial said in its report.

Isn’t it hilarious that the very same folks who claim to be crusaders against racism are the ones who are actually creating the very thing they think they are fighting against? The irony seems lost on the left.