Mitch McConnell Tells Senate GOP Not To Object To Electoral College Vote

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is now warning Republicans in the Senate against objecting to the Electoral College vote, encouraging them not to engage in any kind of effort that might attempt to undermine the results.

The reason why? Apparently, during a closed door meeting, McConnell told Republicans that fighting over the presidency now could end up costing them support.

Folks, this man is a career politician through and through. The only thing he cares about is keeping his current job instead of actually standing up for our rights and defending the Constitution.

via Daily Wire:

“First, the Republican leader heaped praise on Trump’s ‘endless’ accomplishments as he congratulated President-elect Joe Biden during a morning Senate speech,” the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported Wednesday. “Then he pivoted, privately warning Republican senators away from disputing the Electoral College tally when Congress convenes in a joint session Jan. 6 to confirm the results.”

McConnell appears to have specific concerns about the upcoming January 6th vote in Congress to affirm and accept the result of Monday’s Electoral College vote.

‘Mr. McConnell and his top deputies pleaded with their colleagues not to join members of the House in objecting to the election results on Jan. 6, when Congress meets to ratify the Electoral College’s decision, according to three people familiar with the conversation, who described it on the condition of anonymity,” the New York Times added.

Things seem to be a little bit different in the House. Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks is currently putting together an effort to do just what McConnell told folks in the Senate not to do, which is object to the Electoral College vote.

This is all being done due to concerns that results from five key states — Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Wisconsin — were possibly corrupted by voter fraud.

Brooks is formally objecting to the results under the Constitution and The Electoral Count Act of 1887.

“We have a superior role under the Constitution than the Supreme Court does, than any federal court judge does, than any state court judge does,” Brooks stated just last week. “What we say, goes. That’s the final verdict.”

The only problem here is that for this effort to be a success, a Republican Senator will have to disobey McConnell and sign on with Brooks. As of now, no GOP Senator has agreed to do that, which is exactly how McConnell wants to keep things.