Mitch McConnell Shreds Dems For Trying To ‘Exploit’ Capitol Riot

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, put out a statement on Thursday, which marks the first anniversary of the attacks on the Capitol building.

McConnell condemned the “criminals” who were involved in the attack that day while he also claimed Democrats “try to exploit” the incident.

“January 6th, 2021 was a dark day for Congress and our country,” the Kentucky senator said. “The United States Capitol, the seat of the first branch of our federal government, was stormed by criminals who brutalized police officers and used force to try to stop Congress from doing its job. This disgraceful scene was antithetical to the rule of law. One year later, I am as grateful as ever for the brave men and women of the U.S. Capitol Police who served our institution bravely that day and every day since. I continue to support justice for those who broke the law.”

“As I said yesterday, it has been stunning to see some Washington Democrats try to exploit this anniversary to advance partisan policy goals that long predated this event. It is especially jaw-dropping to hear some Senate Democrats invoke the mob’s attempt to disrupt our country’s norms, rules, and institutions as a justification to discard our norms, rules, and institutions themselves,” he continued in his statement.

via Newsmax:

McConnell went on to say, “A year ago today, the Senate did not bend or break. We stuck together, stood strong, gaveled back in, and did our job. Senators should not be trying to exploit this anniversary to damage the Senate in a different way from within.”

The senator’s statement did not mention former President Donald Trump, but the New York Daily News notes that McConnell previously said that Trump was “practically and morally responsible” for the Capitol attack.

McConnell is actually right on this one. The left has most definitely been trying to take advantage of this whole situation as a means of painting up conservatives to be crazy domestic terrorists in order to make average Americans afraid of them and vote against Republicans in both the midterm and the 2024 elections.