Mississippi Governor Warns Would-Be Robbers About His Wife

This is my kind of First Lady.

The Republican governor of Mississippi took to Twitter to warn the people who attempted to repeat a burglary that happened on his farm that his wife would be waiting for them.

With her AR-15.

“Had a burglary at our little farm in Copiah County,” Governor Phil Bryant tweeted. “Asked the First Lady not to go down until we find the perpetrators. Her response: I’m taking my AR down and waiting on their a~~~s!!!!”

AP reported that Bryant and his wife, Deborah, own property in Copiah County which is where the burglary took place, and that a spokesperson for the Governor referred any further questions on the incident to the local Sherriff.

The Copiah County Sherriff did not disclose whether or not there had been an incident.

The AP also noted that Bryant is a longtime Second Amendment rights supporter and “had a gun atop a Bible on his desk in 2016 as he signed a law authorizing churches to train their own armed guards.”

That, as well as Byrant’s tough-as-nails armed wife, is pretty awesome.

H/T The Daily Wire