Migrant Children Could End Up Moved To Silicon Valley NASA Airfield As Facilities Fill Up

The boy standing of pulling a metal fence .

U.S. authorities are now considering moving migrant children to facilities located at a NASA airfield in California’s Silicon Valley as the facilities currently being used to house unaccompanied minors are filling up as a result of a massive surge at the southern border.

via Washington Examiner:

Officials have reportedly eyed property in Moffett Field, California, the home of a NASA airstrip and laboratory, which is nestled in the Golden State’s tech hub, approximately 11 miles from Apple’s headquarters. The federal land sits about 500 miles inland from the U.S.-Mexico border.

The potential move follows news that more than 3,200 children have been moved to holding facilities, which are designed to house adults, under the watch of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Of the total, 1,400 children have remained in custody past the 72-hour limit in small concrete rooms without beds, dubbed “hieleras,” or iceboxes.

“The Department of Health and Human Services has requested federal agencies to determine whether they have currently vacant properties that might be available and suitable for potential future use as Temporary Influx Care Facilities for unaccompanied migrant children,” Darryl Waller, a spokesman for NASA, said to reporters for ABC News earlier in the week.

“HHS and NASA’s Ames Research Center are coordinating a site assessment of some currently vacant property at Moffett Field, California, for HHS personnel to determine whether certain facilities at the site might be suitable to temporarily provide shelter space in the future. This effort will have no impact on NASA’s ability to conduct its primary missions,” he went on to add.

The Department of Health and Human Services has already confirmed that it will be touring the property along with NASA officials.

“NASA officials will join the HHS staff as they tour the property available for potential future use,” an HHS spokesperson wrote in an email sent to the Washington Examiner. “HHS will determine if the site will be used for UC operations. We expect to decide soon about the feasibility of the NASA site to serve as a potential temporary emergency influx shelter.”

You know, we wouldn’t be having this issue right now if Biden hadn’t decided to use his first day on the job to take an axe to all of Trump’s executive orders without even bothering to think of the consequences of doing so.

Perhaps, if he’d paid a little bit more attention, he would have realized that those policies were preventing the kind of scenario we’re now seeing unfold at the southern border.

Guess he just really wants to inflate the Democratic Party voter rolls.