Michelle Steel, Republican Who Turned Blue CA Seat Red Has Some Good News: ‘Republican Party Is Growing’

Congress-woman elect Michelle Steel managed to do the unthinkable by turning a blue seat red in the most liberal state in the country, California, which is a major accomplishment.

Steel has some good news for the GOP at large that goes hand-in-hand with her victory.

According to her, the Republican Party is growing.

via Daily Wire:

“The Republican Party is growing. You know, me, with my accent, I still won and people actually, when we stick to the issues, and we just try to work with residents and work for residents, I think we’re going to keep winning,” remarked the congresswoman-elect.

Steel, 65, who speaks English as a third language, was born in South Korea and raised in Japan. During the interview, she shared that she first decided to run for public office after her mother, a small business owner, was “harassed” by a state tax agency (for what she has previously described as an “unwarranted” tax bill).

“That’s the way I started. This is my fifth election. I won all five,” Steel told Fox News. “You know what? I stand for American Dream.”

Yes, ma’am, you certainly do.

The fact she’s come this far in her career is proof that our system works, and I don’t just mean the election system. I mean the whole shebang. American liberty and the free market that enable anyone willing to work hard an opportunity to find success and happiness.

God bless this country.

Let’s hope she’s right and more and more folks in California start going red.