Michael Moore Drops The Hammer On Biden For Trying To Get ‘White Racist Redneck Votes In Michigan’

Radical leftist filmmaker Michael Moore is totally planning to cast his vote for Joe Biden for president this November, however, he’s also made it abundantly clear that a lot of the former vice president’s behavior on the campaign trail has left much to be desired.

Moore’s latest beef with Biden has to do with his acceptance of the endorsement of former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican. The “Bowling for Columbine” director went on to give Democratic presidential nominee a good scolding for going after “white racist redneck votes.”

He’s a chip off the old block, isn’t he?

via Daily Wire:

“The Biden campaign, in an effort to convince Flint voters to stay home on Nov 3 and lose Michigan again, happily announced & embraced the endorsement of former Gov. Rick Snyder — the man who poisoned Flint’s water. 10,000 children [with] permanent brain damage,” Michael Moore tweeted. “Countless dead. Shame!”

“So the Biden campaign thought getting a few more White racist redneck votes in Michigan was more important than getting the Black vote in Flint?” he later added. “Better to embrace the mass-poisoning Republican ex-Governor than worry about ‘those Black people?’ Are u nuts? Apologize & retract NOW.”

Moore has been warning the Democratic Party in the last few weeks about the level of enthusiasm for President Trump that is building across the country. Much of this has to do with folks getting sick and tired of Democratic leadership in big cities torn asunder by protests doing nothing to curb the violence and chaos.

Many Democrats have decided to abandon the party and vote Trump this time around because of that very issue, along with standing against the measures being taken by tyrannical governors who are smothering the economy with unbearable coronavirus restrictions.

Are there enough defectors to turn major blue states red? It’s a real possibility.