Michael Avenatti Raises Money for Beto O’Rourke…But Keeping Half for Himself

This guy is seriously too much.

“Creepy Porn Lawyer” Michael Avenatti, the self-appointed new face of the Democratic party, has decided to throw his name behind Beto O’Rourke and help him fundraise.

And also help himself fundraise.

In a recent Tweet, he shared a link to his followers encouraging them to donate to help O’Rourke beat Ted Cruz in Texas…but half the donations actually go to his PAC.

Lyin’ Ted Cruz is attacking me because I am supporting Beto. Help us send the liar back home to Canada (sorry Canada) – chip in for Beto now” he tweeted on Thursday, according to The Daily Wire.

He may have been called out for his sneaky greediness; the tweet appears to have now been deleted.

“Cruz Attacked Michael. We’re fighting back! #BASTA,” the donation page he linked is titled.

“Ted Cruz is in the fight for his political life and the best he can do it lash out at Michael?” it reads. “We won’t take this sitting down. Chip in a few bucks to help Beto defeat Cruz and let Texas have a Senator they can be proud of.”

When users are adequately convinced their hard-earned cash will support Beto’s valiant efforts to ensure Americans keep less of their own money and spiral into an economic crash of Venezuelan-proportions, a small note next to the suggested donation amount discloses that the funds “will be divided evenly between Beto O’Rourke and The Fight PAC.”

BuzzFeed explains that The Fight PAC was started by Avenatti to support Democratic candidates with “the size and the presence to really fight back and advocate from a position of strength as opposed to weakness.”

Aaaand also supports his own political ambitions. In other words, to foot the bill as he wanders the nation pretending to be an informed, relevant political voice.

From the looks of it, he’s off to a great start.