Miami Heat Set To Use Detection Dogs To Sniff Out COVID Infected NBA Fans

In absolutely weird and strange news today, the Miami Heat NBA team is going to be using canines to help protect spectators who come to see their games live and in-person from coronavirus transmission.

A new report from the Associated Press says, “the Heat will use coronavirus-sniffing dogs at AmericanAirlines Arena to screen fans who want to attend their games.”

They go on to report that the policy is to go into effect before Thursday evening’s matchup between the Heat and the Los Angeles Clippers. This will be the first game the Heat has had this season with actual fans present. Attendance will be limited to 1,500 season ticket holders.

via Daily Wire:

The Heat released a video informing guests of the new procedures and what to expect upon arrival on game day.

“You’ll be directed to the screening area and asked to put any in-hand items in your pockets and place your hands at your sides,” the video says. “At that time, a COVID-19 detection dog will screen everyone in line by simply walking past each person…If a dog signals on you by sitting down, you and your group will be directed out of line and denied entry into the arena.”

The Heat will reportedly require all attendees to complete a health screening questionnaire, wear face coverings, and engage in cashless transactions at the concession stands, where only soft drinks and water will be sold.

“And if a fan is allergic to or afraid of dogs, the Heat are offering an option to skip the dog screening and submit to a rapid antigen test instead,” the AP reported.

Well, that’s certainly a new way to approach things. This pandemic has certainly made folks more innovative, hasn’t it? How many different ways have people found to try and get around this nonsense so that businesses can at least croak by.

At some point, however, we’re going to have to face the music. This virus is going nowhere. We cannot allow our society to completely collapse due to fear of this illness. We just can’t.

That doesn’t mean we don’t take the virus seriously. We just have to find better ways of doing things. I don’t have a clue what the solution is, but there has to be one better than shutting everything down.