Melania Unveils WH Christmas Decorations and–Wait, No, Libs Are Alread Complaining

It must be exhausting constantly being offended about everything.

I mean, you have to take a break sometimes, right? It can’t be good for one’s blood pressure to get upset about every single mention of the name “Trump” at any and all instances.

Sometimes, Christmas decorations are just Christmas decorations, even if Melania Trump organized them.

Here’s the thing though: the ever-classy First Lady’s Christmas decorations are pretty epic. Tasteful, gorgeous, and oh-so-politically-incorrectly Christmasy and patriotic. 

A lethal combination to any progressive’s sensitive psyche.

So, although decorating the People’s House for the high holiday of the Judeo-Christian capitalist Western world is mostly pretty innocuous no matter who’s ordering the decorations, it’s still going to trigger plenty of people.

And trigger it did, if Twitter is any indication: