Megyn Kelly Tears Fauci A New One: ‘Not Sure Who Misled You On This, Sir, But You Don’t Control Us’

Former Fox News anchor and current podcast host Megyn Kelly obliterated Dr. Anthony Fauci after he proclaimed, “I can’t give you the exact date” when he was asked when people could start scheduling indoor weddings.

Kelly responded by posting a tweet that said, “Not sure who misled you on this, sir, but you don’t control us.”

via Daily Wire:

Chuck Todd of NBC’s “Meet The Press” asked Fauci, the Director at the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, “We know President Biden said of backyard gatherings — I’ve got a staffer or two that wants this question asked of you, and I’m sure they’re not alone, which is when can people plan an indoor wedding?”

“You know, that’s a good question,” Fauci responded. “And I think that’s going to be within a reasonable period of time. You notice —”

Todd interjected, “This calendar year?”

Fauci continued, “ —what the CDC is doing — they gave — excuse me? I didn’t hear what you said, Chuck.”

Todd, repeating, “This calendar year?

“What time of the year? You know, I, I can’t give you that exact date because it’s going to absolutely depend — and this gets back to our conversation a minute or two ago — it’s going to depend on the level of infection in community. If we plateau and stay at 60,000 a day and go up with a peak, I mean, you can make no prediction. If we keep going down and get to a very, very low level, when we’re there and we have a good proportion of the people vaccinated, I think you’re going to see weddings in the normal way that we’ve seen within a reasonable period of time. But there’s always the caveat that it’s not going to happen, if all of a sudden you have a surge,” Fauci responded.

Kelly is right on the money. Fauci has been wrong every step of the way when it comes to this pandemic. And anytime good news comes out about things, he’s always right there to rain on the parade, likely because he doesn’t want the pandemic to end.

He’s made a lot of money off this disaster. Not to mention getting all of this recognition and fame. Why would he want to give that up?

Americans will likely have to just ignore him and the Democratic leadership overstepping their boundaries and just live life.