Meet Scherie Murray, The Republican Woman Campaigning For AOC’s Seat In 2020

Folks, if you haven’t taken the time today to thank the good Lord you live in a democratic republic, this news is going to make you want to: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a new challenger for her seat in Congress, and she’s about as fed up with AOC as we all are.

While several Republicans have lined up to take a whack at unseating AOC next year, as a Jamaican-born woman, Scherie Murray is the only one who can shred the socialist Rep’s narrative that all “attacks” on her are due primarily to her race or gender.

“I’m a Jamaican immigrant. And I love America. Not the America radical socialists want to see, but the America that is a land of opportunity for all. That’s what I’m fighting for,” Murray declared in a series of tweets yesterday.

In her campaign announcements, the 38-year-old businesswoman came out guns blazing against AOC’s short, yet disastrous tenure in office: “There’s a crisis in Queens and it’s called AOC.”

“Lawmakers should be working together to build a stronger, safer, more prosperous America, but your representative in Washington chooses self-promotion over service, conflict over constituents, resistance over assistance,” Murray says in her official campaign video.

Murray isn’t pulling a single punch when it comes to her opponent:


Murray gave deeper insight into her campaign in a Fox News interview yesterday, emphasizing her mission to unseat her opponent after the “job-killing Green New Deal” and “killing the Amazon New York deal” made it clear that AOC is not fit to lead a pack of squirrels, let alone a major congressional district: “Queens and the Bronx need someone who will create jobs instead of turning them away.”

Y’all, if NYC wasn’t a wretched hive of scum and villainy, I’d be half-tempted to move to that district just to vote for Murray. Although, if the city elects more leaders like her, that leftist tide may just turn.