McCarthy Slams Speaker Pelosi For Saying She Hopes President’s ‘Heart Will Be Opened’ After Coronavirus Diagnosis

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently stated that she hopes President Trump’s “heart will be opened” in wake of his fight with the coronavirus, which has been going on all weekend.

“Prayers are with the president and the first lady,” the Speaker said during an interview on “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “I hope it really will be a signal that we have to do better in preventing the spread of this virus.”

Pelosi stressed that she hopes the illness will have an impact on Trump’s “coming to the table with us and doing what we have to crush the virus, listen to science, have the public-private role that needs to be done to crush the virus.”

“So hopefully, prayerfully … I pray that in addition to his health that the president’s heart will be opened to the millions of people who have been affected, hundreds of thousands of families who’ve suffered a death,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi also went on to launch an accusation at Republicans, claiming they are anti-science and don’t care enough about the impact of COVID-19 on poor communities.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire:

“Now [the virus has] even run free in the White House. Think of how it is in a poor neighborhood where the president is insisting that children actually go back to school in order to get the funding,” she said. “The Republicans in Congress and this president have been anti-science … So if science says you should be testing, tracing, treating, mask-wearing, sanitation, separation and the rest, and you don’t believe in science … then you have more deaths, more spread of the virus … They don’t believe in science and they don’t want to do anything about it.”

In response, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said that Pelosi’s comments were “rather disgusting” and completely out of place.

“It’s rather disgusting. We’ve watched Speaker Pelosi say this before, that we’re enemies of the state. This is uncalled for, especially in this time and place,” said McCarthy on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“Remember, other nations are watching America,” he said. “This is the one time we could unite together. I listen to the president’s voice, none of those type of languages to anybody across. One thing I did hear more of is how committed he’s even doubling down to make sure he lowers prescription drug prices, that he protects pre-existing conditions. He is sitting here trying to work with this speaker to get a COVID relief package together and these are the comments that she makes? It’s really unbecoming of that position.”

Pelosi’s comments on the president’s illness have been the very definition of insincere and very ill-timed. She’s wasted no time whatsoever on turning this into a political opportunity, which goes to show you how much the left hates Trump and how there is a total lack of sympathy and humanity at the core of the progressive movement in modern America.