Mayorkas Caught On Leaked Audio Saying, ‘We’re Going To Lose’ The Border Crisis

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been caught on leaked audio saying that the Biden administration is “going to lose” the border crisis, as an “unsustainable” number of illegal migrants continue to stream into the United States.

The remarks came during a private meeting that Mayorkas held with Border Patrol agents in Texas right around the same time that he announced that there had been roughly 213,000 people who were encountered along the southern border in July.

Back in December of last year, there were 74,000 encounters with migrants, a number which then went up to 172,000 during the month of March, 178,000 in April, 180,000 in June, followed by 188,000 in the month of July as the president eased up on immigration restrictions.

“A couple of days ago I was down in Mexico, and I said look, you know, ‘If, if our borders are the first line of defense, we’re going to lose, and this is unsustainable,'” Mayorkas stated during the meeting in leaked audio obtained by Fox News. “We can’t continue like this, our people in the field can’t continue, and our system isn’t built for it.”

via Washington Examiner:

The DHS boss insisted the border situation “cannot continue” as he said he was aware that certain areas came close to “breaking” points.

“It’s our responsibility to make sure that that never happens again,” he reportedly said during his chat with the agents.

However, during his public announcement Thursday regarding July’s migrant totals, Mayorkas insisted the surge of people at the southern border “is not new” as he downplayed previous monthly numbers.

“We are encountering an unprecedented number of migrants in between the ports of entry at our southern border,” Mayorkas stated while speaking during a press conference held in Brownsville, Texas. “We have seen the surges in migration before. We’ve seen them in the past, and migration surges are not new.”

During the meeting, one of the agents present offered the secretary a little advice.

“For those of us who have been around here long enough … we don’t need to reinvent the wheel,” one agent reportedly said to Mayorkas. “We’ve had this happen before. We know exactly how to shut it down. We need to make illegal entry illegal.”

President Joe Biden’s administration has suggested the migration surge was “seasonal.” However, border authorities insist total crossings should be dwindling amid a summer heat wave that would make the journey exponentially more arduous.