Mayor Of D.C. Violates Her Own Coronavirus Travel Restrictions To Attend Biden Party

We all know that hypocrisy is practically a way of life for the Democratic Party, but it’s still infuriating when you see them attempt to force everyone else to abide by a rule they create, while they themselves are totally allowed to ignore it.

Such is the case in Washington, D.C., after Mayor Muriel Bower decided to violate her own COVID-19 travel restrictions in order to attend Joe Biden’s victory speech. Oh, and she’s not quarantining now either.

via Washington Free Beacon:

The mayor, who has implemented some of the most restrictive coronavirus rules in the country, issued new travel rules on Monday but also said she won’t be quarantining after traveling to celebrate Biden’s win, Fox 5 D.C. reports. With Delaware on Bowser’s list of 45 “high-risk” states, Washingtonians are required to quarantine for 14 days upon returning from Delaware on “nonessential” travel, yet she exempted herself because she met with Biden campaign officials in her “official capacity” as mayor.

Bowser is also exempt from mandatory testing, and it is not clear when she and the staff on the trip will be tested, though her office said she is tested regularly. Still, she urged D.C. residents to closely follow all guidelines in her “Coronavirus Situational Update” news conference Monday.

The stringent rules in D.C. have been the subject of controversy and lawsuits, as Black Lives Matter demonstrators have regularly violated social-distancing guidelines, while churches were banned from assembling outdoors until a federal court ruled that was a substantial burden to religion. Local reporters have taken note of Bowser’s trip to Delaware in light of the rules she has imposed on the city.

Bowser actually called attending this event “essential travel.” Do these people think we’re all stupid and can’t tell they abuse the power of their offices?

Why does it always seem like Democrats feel they are above the law, above their own created rules, and the rest of us must obey them at all costs?

Folks, imagine what things would be like if they transformed America into a socialist country where they were the only ones ever in charge? Scary, huh?