Maxine Waters Goes Off On Congress, Says They ‘Missed Opportunity’ To Impeach Trump For ‘Treason’

Rep. Maxine Waters took another big dive into the deep end with more insane comments relating to President Donald Trump and impeachment.

This time she blasted Congress for the “missed opportunity” of impeaching the president for “treason.”

Apparently, Waters forgot to take her meds again.

via Fox News:

“On my 3/2017 pinned tweet one can see [Paul] Manafort, [Michael] Flynn, [Roger] Stone, all of whom have been pardoned [and] more of them to come. They know the criminal [and] illegal relationship [between] Trump [and] Putin! They’re part of it! We missed our opportunity to impeach him for treason. [New York] can make up for it!” Waters wrote on Twitter.

“My tweets continue to reveal the dangers of Trump [and] his love of Putin! The Prez is LYING about China to protect Putin! Yes, Putin is responsible for the cyber attack!” she continued.

Waters’ statement comes after the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently reported widespread hacks involving government agencies and private businesses — an attack apparently linked to Russia that may have gone unreported for up to nine months.

Waters is just proving, once again, that the radical left in our country has a deep seated hatred for President Trump, one that defies a rational explanation.

The only way to really get a grasp on the root of it is that Trump is anti-leftist, which means they can’t find a way to control him and use him in order to get more socialist infrastructure put in place for a radical transformation of our country.

Otherwise, it just makes no sense.

However, make no mistake, their hate of Trump is all about their hate for you and I as regular Americans.