Mark Morgan Says Bringing Afghan Refugees Into America Is A Serious Concern

Former Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan recently spoke with Newsmax where he stated that Afghan refugees are being moved with such a quickness into the U.S. that there are now concerns about whether or not they are being properly vetted.

“Having been in the government for a long time, I’ve been in operations where the goal was to do something fast, and I guarantee when you do that, something falls through the cracks,” Morgan, now a Newsmax contributor, stated during an appearance on “The Count.”

“I don’t think we should be doing that in this situation where we’re actually talking people from a complete failed terrorist state, that is going to be an operating base for terrorists,” he said.

via Newsmax:

The Biden administration has said some 50,000 refugees from Afghanistan will be resettled in the United States. Morgan said he agrees with resettling people who helped the United States in the war effort, but then some are considered general refugees, and that is a concern because they are being shipped out so quickly.

“What I’ve heard from this administration, including the military personnel…I keep hearing from them again and get is their mission is to put people on planes as fast as they can,” Morgan went on to say.

“I have not heard one thing that gives me confidence that they’re doing the vetting process of it. Right now, what they’re doing is saying, ‘Hey we’re just gonna dump them in America, and then we’ll figure out from there.’ That’s not the right way to do it,” he continued.

Instead, it’s “just political optics” to get Afghans out fast, meaning that there are people who have applied for special immigrant visas who have not completed the process.

“My question is, what happens once they get here if we find derogatory information?” Morgan then said. “What are we going to do with them? It’s absolutely not the way the process should be handled. Do we have the resources in place to help extract those individuals if we find per se, one of them is an Al Qaeda individual or from ISIS, a bad actor.”

He pointed out that the United States southwest border remains the “least secure border in our lifetime,” as 300,000 people have already gotten past the nation’s frontline defenses.

But the problem with the Afghan refugees could be stopped if they were taken to a third country for vetting, or even to a U.S. military base and thoroughly vet them there before allowing them in the United States.

“It is not the military’s job to vet these individuals,” Morgan said, adding, “It is up to the State Department along with the Department of Human Services, yet we have not heard anything from the secretary (Anthony Blinken). What we need to do is demand he’ll get out to answer questions and guarantee to the American people that not one single Afghan that’s going to settle in this country poses a threat to this country. We should demand on him to say that and he’s been nowhere to be found.”

The bottom line is, we still are a nation of laws. It’s critical we all support those laws by demanding that our elected officials actually put those words and into practice, especially with immigration in the middle of a pandemic.