Marcia Blackburn Asks Whether Or Not ‘Missteps’ In Afghanistan Were ‘Intentional?’

Sen. Marsha Blackburn stated recently that Secretary of State Antony Blinken will have to face several tough questions from the Senate and House when he gives testimony this week concerning the Biden administration’s actions in Afghanistan, which includes asking whether the missteps that happened there were made intentionally and if they were “seeking to elevate China.”

“What we can expect are questions such as, did we have a withdrawal plan, or was this happenstance?” the Tennessee Republican went on to say during an interviewe on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “The steps that the Biden administration made, which are missteps, were they intentional [or] were they seeking to elevate China? Had they made a deal on the front end? Was the Taliban creating an exit strategy for us because we did not have an exit strategy?”

via Newsmax:

Blinken will testify before members of the House on Monday and before the Senate on Tuesday, and Blackburn said lawmakers will also want to know if it was part of the plan to turn over Bagram Airfield and all equipment there.

“Did they plan to leave thousands of Americans and SIV applicant and SIV holders behind enemy lines, and why did they underestimate the Taliban?” Blackburn went on to ask. “Were they not aware that the Taliban was working with China and Russia and Iran?”

In the mean time, Blackburn stated that she has believed for “quite a while now” that the new “axis of evil” includes “What we know is … China needed to have that overland route from Beijing to Tehran,” the congresswoman said. “They only got it going through Afghanistan. They also want the rare earth minerals that are there in Afghanistan, the lithium mines, things of that nature which the U.S. has put on the map for them. They know where they’re located and where to extract those components which are so necessary for semiconductor chips, microprocessors, lithium-ION batteries.”

“We were fighting the war on terror,” she continued. “This has been a 20-year war. It was another war against the Afghan people. It is the war on terror. It was so named because it was an ideology, people with an ideology that we were fighting, not a country.”

But Biden, with his actions, has given the Taliban a nation-state “where they can have all terrorists, whether it’s Hezbollah, Hamas, whether it is the Taliban, al-Qaida, ISIS, they can come there and they can plot the evil that they want to carry out against our allies. It’s a very scary thought.”

Sounds like Blinken is going to have a very tough week. Which he deserves and then some.