Manchin Becomes First Top Democrat to Refer To Border Situation A ‘Crisis’

Sen. Joe Manchin has now become the first top Democrat to actually refer to the situation unfolding at the southern border as a “crisis,” a comment he made during an interview with CNN earlier this week, which is a fairly big break from the rest of his party on the issue.

Manchin spoke with CNN Monday evening and said the border is in “crisis” and the stated that he is waiting to be briefed on things by President Joe Biden’s administration before he discusses their response to the situation.

“Whatever message was sent — it was sure interpreted the wrong way,” Manchin clearly stated. “It’s a crisis — oh it’s a crisis.”

via Newsmax:

The Biden administration announced its immigration bill last month, which White House officials described as an opportunity to “reset and restart conversations on immigration reform,” and said that the legislation is the president’s “vision of what it takes to fix the system.”

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill., told CNN that there’s not enough support in Congress for a full immigration plan that includes the pathway to citizenship that Biden promised for about 11 million illegal immigrants.

“I don’t see a means for reaching that,” Durbin said, when asked about the pathway. “I want it. I think we are much more likely to deal with discrete elements.”

When you have to start opening up additional holding facilities for all of the unaccompanied minors flooding across the border, it’s safe to call it a crisis.

And it’s a crisis of Biden’s own creation. Had he not been so gung-ho about erasing Trump’s legacy and wiping out his immigration policy, he might have seen the merit in it and how it was stopping this sort of situation from happening.

Now border towns are being overwhelmed and superspreaders who have the coronavirus have been set loose in our country.

Good job, Joe.