Mainstream Media Journalists Unite to Claim Trump Hinders a Free Press. The People Respond.

If you think about it, it’s actually pretty hilarious that the mainstream media gets their panties so twisted over Trump’s claim that “fake news is the enemy of the people.”

Isn’t getting offended by this claim as good as an admission that they are, indeed, fake news?

Trump never said the First Amendment was the enemy of the people. He certainly never said the press was the enemy of the people. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure he’s never even said the mainstream media is the enemy of the people, a sentiment which this author would quite comfortably state.

No, he’s only said the fake news is the enemy of the people, and if you’re old enough to remember 2016, it was actually the mainstream media that started using the term “fake news”, claiming that “fake news” sites like The Onion and literally every conservative website in the history of the internet were dangerous and, well, essentially the enemy of the people.

Still, either willfully ignoring or blissfully unaware of the hilarious irony, hundreds of mainstream media forces joined together this week to share the same sentiment that the press is still independent.

Sure, keep telling yourself that, said Twitter:

Even POTUS himself weighed in, clarifying once and for all what dummies the mainstream media are:

H/T Western Journal