Lyin’ Biden Just Can’t Tell the Truth

From his hair plugs to his dentures and creepy smile, everything about Joe Biden is fake. Even his campaign ads are incapable of finding a modicum of honesty. Take for instance the now deleted commercial of the pub owner in Ann Arbour, MI that had to go out of business because of Trump’s Covid response plan. Turns out he is actually a wealthy donor and strong supporter of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s gestappo shut-down policies. We discuss lyin’ Biden’s ad in the podcast episode. (Video Below)

Greasy Joe Biden has been in Washington DC for 47 years and hasn’t accomplished a single positive thing. Remember it was Barrack Obama that said “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k something up.” We believe you Barry. We BELIEVE you.

Tonight’s final debate will undoubtedly be filled with many more Biden lies. He will continue to deny his knowledge of and involvement in his son Hunter’s shady business dealings with Ukraine and China. Half of America is dumb enough to believe that.

Get my fun and hot takes on all things Joe is lying about on the latest episode of The Chad Prather Show.