Louisville Police Major Relieved Of Duties After Criticizing Black Lives Matter

A police major working in the city of Louisville has been let go from the department after making some folks upset with criticism she gave of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Because you aren’t allowed to ever speak against the pet protest groups the Democratic Party uses as political weapons in the fight against the president. Duh. Everybody knows that.

Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

Louisville’s Interim Police Chief Robert Schroeder and Mayor Greg Fischer announced on Friday that Maj. Bridget Hallahan would be relieved of her duties with the department but would remain on staff until Oct. 1, when she will begin her retirement.

Hallahan, who was the leader of the department’s 5th Division, outraged many local leaders when she criticized antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters in an email to members of her department. She claimed that protesters were demonstrating against the department “without even knowing the facts.”

“These ANTIFA and BLM people, especially the ones who just jumped on the bandwagon ‘yesterday’ because they became ‘woke’ (insert eye roll here), do not deserve a second glance or thought from us. Our little pinky toenails have more character, morals, and ethics, than these punks have in their entire body,” Hallahan wrote.

“Do not stop to their level. Do not respond to them. If we do, we only validate what they did. Don’t make them important, because they are not. They will be the ones washing our cars, cashing us out at the Walmart, or living in their parents’ basement playing COD for their entire life,” she continued.

The email was sent out by Hallahan after colleagues at the department were doxxed by “protesters.” She went on to tell members of her own team that they could “vent” to her if they needed to blow off some steam about the current job stress they were experiencing.

“There is currently no recourse we have for incidents involving the doxing of officers or their families,” the major wrote. “What we can do is speak up against them and put the truth out there.”

If you dare to think for yourself, to have an opinion outside of the one approved by the liberal overlords within the progressive movement, you will find your life, your family, and your career destroyed. These people are unhinged and incredibly ruthless.

It’s unfortunate that a woman just trying to exhibit good leadership is being punished despite the fact she did nothing wrong.