LOL: Twitter Responds to Jim Acosta’s Announcement That He’s Writing A Book

It’s been a pretty frustrating news week, so imagine my delight that not only had Jim Acosta announced he was writing a book, but Twitter has been thoroughly enjoying ripping him for it.

No, sadly, the forthcoming book from everyone’s favorite hack White House correspondent is not called “Dear Diary,” but the title is just about as laughable:

Now, to any thinking person, the fact that Jim Acosta actually lives in a world where he is supported in the idea that it’s dangerous to criticize the President is beyond me.

I’m obviously not alone:

After all, the mere existence of this book seems to add an awful lot of weight to the argument that it is a very safe time to tell the truth (or whatever it is you call what Jim Acosta considers journalism) in America:

But this doesn’t mean the book won’t be a success:

Just a friendly reminder for Jim:

H/T Daily Wire