LL Cool J Tells Crowd To Redo Applause After President Biden Arrives Late To Christmas Tree Lighting

Apparently, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are not required to be punctual when it comes to the engagements they are scheduled to be a part of, proving that they really don’t care too much about people’s time.

This was made clear when a crowd was told they needed to redo their applause after Biden showed up late to the lighting of a Christmas tree.

Video footage of the event shows the president and first lady being introduced at the tree lighting ceremony by rapper LL Cool J, but the crowd had to wait nearly two full minutes for the couple to actually come out.

As the crowd stands up to applaud, the couple are nowhere in sight.

A few moments later, LL Cool J then tells the audience they “are going to do it again” while someone else can be heard asking for applause.

via Fox News:

The president and first lady were then greeted by a cheering crowd as they welcomed everyone to the Christmas tree lighting on the Ellipse, south of the White House.

Biden expressed his gratitude to the service members and their families. He remembered those who died from the pandemic.

His speech ended with optimism for the future.

“And as we look out across the country with the promise of a new year ahead, we know this: We are a great nation because [of] you — the American people,” the president went on to say during the speech. “You are a good people. And because of you, we will never be more optimistic about the future. You’ve made me so optimistic I can’t — I tell you what … we have so much ahead of us.”