Lindsey Graham Smashes Biden Over His ‘Destabilizing’ Foreign Policy

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina recently sat down for an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” where he slammed President Biden’s foreign policy as “destabilizing” and said he’s “not very impressed in the first 100 days” of the new administration.

“During the campaign, he made us all believe Joe Biden would be the moderate choice, that court-packing was a bonehead idea,” Graham said during the interview. “All of a sudden we have a commission to change the structure of the Supreme Court. Making D.C. a state, I think that’s a very radical idea that will change the makeup of the United States Senate. [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.] said his first 100 days exceeded her expectations. That’s all you need to know.”

“He’s been a disaster on foreign policy,” he said. “The border is in chaos, the Iranians are off the map, he’s opening up negotiations with the Iranian regime and they haven’t done a d— thing to change. Afghanistan’s going to fall apart. Russia and China are already pushing him around, so I’m very worried. He’s been a very destabilizing president.”

Later in the interview, Graham criticized Biden for his harsh comments against America, disputing his claims that there is systemic racism in our legal system and other institutions.

“Our systems are not racist,” he said, going on to add that “within every society you have bad actors.”

America is a work on progress,” Graham said, going on to state: “Joe Biden spends a lot of time running it down, I wish he’d stop it.”

via Newsmax:

Graham touted South Carolina GOP Sen. Tim Scott’s bill on police reform that includes calls for qualified immunity for police against lawsuits.

“Last Congress there was a filibuster of Tim Scott’s bill… we’ll try again,” Graham said.

“Qualified immunity reform is a big deal,” he said, explaining it as prohibiting suits against a police officer while allowing suits against a police department. “We can solve the issues if there’s a will to get there on part of both parties… Tim is the leader on this… qualified immunity is the issue.”

President Biden is definitely far too critical of our country. But then again, he’s just ripping a page from the Obama playbook. That man spent eight years in the highest office in the land, doing nothing but slamming our nation day in and day out.

Remember that atrocious apology tour he did toward the beginning of his term? Disgusting. We’re seeing the same mentality from Biden. No shock there at all, right?