Lindsey Graham Fesses Up To Urging Trump To Do Interview With Woodward

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham admitted that he was indeed the individual who encouraged President Trump to sit down with Bob Woodward of Watergate fame and conduct an interview for his new book, Rage.

If this isn’t just the stupidest move on planet earth, I don’t know what is. Why would Graham, who is well aware of the liberal bias of Woodward, encourage Trump to sit down with someone who wanted nothing more than to destroy him? Unbelievable.

Graham, who is up for reelection in November, said that the reason he encouraged the interview is because he thought it would provide the president with an opportunity to tell his side of the story, unlike what happened with Woodward’s previous book, Fear.

via Washington Examiner:

“The last book Woodward wrote, Trump said he didn’t know that he had wanted to be interviewed. So I said, well, the guy is a well-known presidential author. And, you know, you got a chance to tell your side of the story. The president agreed, and there you go,” Graham said.

Recordings from Woodward’s interviews, which were published Wednesday, have already led Trump to face intense criticism concerning remarks he made about downplaying the coronavirus early on in the pandemic. He also wrote that former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats believed Russian President Vladimir Putin “had something” on Trump.

Many criticized Trump and members of his inner circle for doing 18 on-the-record interviews with Woodward, whose book is due to hit bookshelves on Tuesday. Fox News host Tucker Carlson specifically questioned why Graham encouraged Trump to do the interviews.

“Lindsey Graham is supposed to be a Republican, so why would he do something like that? You would have to ask him. But keep in mind that Lindsey Graham has opposed, passionately opposed, virtually every major policy initiative that Donald Trump articulated when he first ran,” Carlson went on to say during the broadcast of his program Wednesday evening.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany went on record Wednesday, saying that Trump took the interview because he is the “most transparent” president in our history.

Still, even if that is true, Trump knows full well the media is doing everything in their power to destroy him and prevent a second term for his administration. This nation cannot afford a Democrat in office right now. Why take chances and do interviews with the enemy where you know it will be a set up?

On the one hand, it seems Trump truly believes he has nothing to hide. That’s true. But the media is ruthless in twisting narratives.

Here’s hoping people see through the lies.