Liberal Writer Says Gina Carano Being Cancelled Like Hollywood Blacklisting Communists

A liberal writer for the publication New York Magazine compared actress Gina Carano’s firing from Disney to Hollywood blacklisting Communists back in the late 1940s and 1950s.

Boy, one has to wonder how long this fellow is going to be keeping his job after publishing this piece. We all know the progressive establishment does not look kindly on people saying stuff like this.

via Daily Wire:

“In the late 1940s and 1950s, Hollywood studios — under pressure from the right — promised they would not ‘knowingly employ a communist,’” Jonathan Chait wrote. “This blacklist eventually became notorious, especially in Hollywood, which came to lionize its victims in several films. And yet it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish the blacklist policy from the emerging current treatment of right-wingers.”

Chait highlighted the post from Carano that sparked accusations of anti-Semitism, which compared the current political state in the U.S. to Nazi Germany.

“The post in question, which triggered a social-media firestorm that quickly led to her firing and loss of representation, was not anti-Semitic by any reasonable definition,” Chait wrote. “The post simply argued (uncontroversially) that the Holocaust grew out of a hate campaign against Jews, which it then likened (controversially) to hatred of fellow Americans for their political views. … There is no hint anywhere in this post of sympathy for Nazis or blame for their victims.”

Chait then went on to argue that a “fairer and more liberal society” should be able to separate the political views of a person from the position held by the individual’s employer. The piece then goes on to discuss how those in the entertainment industry should be able to work in that field regardless of who they choose to support politically.

Fans have responded to Carano’s firing by putting out a petition to get her rehired for “The Mandalorian” television show that she was fired from, earning thousands of signatures.

Last Friday, Carano and The Daily Wire revealed they would be working on a film project together, which would star the actress and feature her producing the movie as well.