Liberal Filmmaker Michael Moore Says Biden’s Lead In Polls ‘Is Not An Accurate Count’

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore would no doubt love to see Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden take the big victory on November 3rd against President Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean that he’s buying into the poll numbers to such a degree that he doesn’t think it’s still possible for Trump to win a second term.

Hey, if there’s one thing we should all have learned from the 2016 presidential election, it’s that poll results are rather dubious in predicting winners.

via Daily Wire:

Speaking on The Hill TV’s “Rising,” Moore lamented the ease with which President Trump was able to cut Biden’s lead in half in the state of Michigan after he previously led the president by 16 points in the state. Moore warned Democrats that they should not believe the polls putting Biden so far ahead.

“Trump has tightened virtually every one of these swing states to the point where—what are they saying this morning? … ‘Biden’s five points ahead in Wisconsin… maybe three [to five] points ahead in Florida, two points ahead in Arizona.’ Listen, don’t believe these polls, first of all,” Moore said. “And second of all, the Trump vote is always being undercounted. Pollsters, when they actually call a real Trump voter, the Trump voter is very suspicious of the Deep State calling them and asking them who they’re voting for.”

“So it is not an accurate count. I think the safe thing to do—this is not scientific, I’m just saying from my experience of being a Michigander—whatever they’re saying the Biden lead is, cut it in half, right now, in your head. Cut it in half, and now you’re within the four-point margin of error. That’s how close this is! That’s how desperately close this is!” he stressed.

Toward the end of August this year, Moore posted results from a poll taken in Michigan that showed Trump with a 2 point lead over Biden, using it as evidence that Democrats do not have this election sowed up as so many folks seem to believe.

He’s right on that. Plenty of Americans are pulling the lever for Trump this time around that didn’t in 2016, having seen that he’s a man who keeps his promises and is willing to fight for them against the media and political correctness.

On top of that, many of those same voters don’t participate in surveys for polls. There is a silent majority out there who will let their voices be heard when they cast their ballots. Liberals are probably going to be very disappointed with how this election turns out.