Latest Poll Has Bad News For Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren, However, Will Be Grinning Ear-To-Ear.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is going to be none-too-happy with the latest poll results that have him being bumped from a prominent position by none other than Sen. Elizabeth Warren in early primary states.

For those of us who are not fans of either one of these two, it’s just swapping something really, really bad, for something even worse.

Young folk in the Democratic Party who are hoping for a socialist takeover of the federal government — an “open” takeover that is, seeing as how the vast majority of folks in the government are already basically socialists — are probably going to be crying themselves to sleep tonight with their hero having fallen from his perch.

Daily Wire reports:

A brand new CBS poll out Sunday shows that Warren is now in second place behind former Vice President Joe Biden in early primary states, edging out Sanders by at least one point, and she’s closing in on Biden.

“Biden is the first choice for 31 percent of voters in 18 early voting states, according to the survey, followed by Warren with 17 percent, Sanders with 16 percent and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) with 10 percent,” The Hill reports. “When Democratic voters are asked which candidate they are considering supporting and allowed to choose as many candidates as they want, Biden still leads with 55 percent, but Warren is closer behind, with 49 percent saying they are considering supporting her.”

That’s definitely bad news for Sanders, who was once thought to be an un-catchable second place to Biden, and who experts thought would likely give Biden a run for his money, given his newfound status as the father of the “Democratic socialist” movement that’s gone on to earn seats in the House and Senate.

Sanders is also at the capstone of his campaign, delivering speech after speech on the “definition” of Democratic socialism, hoping to take the reins of a movement popular with young, minority, and hard-left progressive voters. On Saturday, Sanders gave what he called a “comprehensive” speech on socialism in an attempt to define not just his campaign, but a new party platform.

Of course, with Warren taking the top spot, that means she now has a target on her back from the Trump 2020 campaign. In fact, the president’s campaign has already shifted gears and is looking at Warren as the person to beat over the next few months.

One of the concerns Trump’s campaign has about Warren is that her readjusting her message to not just connect with radical left-wingers, but with the “Rust Belt” economic populist blue-collar Democratic voter is that it will take away potential votes Trump needs to pull off a victory next year.

Believe it or not, quite a few folks in that demographic came out to vote for Trump last time around and helped push him over the edge for a victory.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of ads and comments come from the Trump camp in future months concerning Warren, as the two have had a heated rivalry well before the election season started.