Las Vegas Police Just Responded to a Shooting Threat the Way Broward County Should Have

It has been said over and over again: the Broward County Sheriff’s Office completely failed to respond to the very clear threat that Nikolas Cruz posed to his community. And yet the gun-grabbers still want to blame the NRA.

As part of the Obama-era “Promise” program that Sheriff Scott Israel gladly participated in, Cruz failed to be held accountable for multiple crimes and red flags that he regularly threw out. The Sheriff’s Office was well aware he was a violent, troubled young man who had physically attacked his own mother on more than one occasion.

And yet, because apparently Democrats are fully committed to allowing crime to run rampant so they can virtue signal during their reelection campaigns or brag about falsely lowered crime rates, Cruz was allowed to fly under the radar and failed to be declared a prohibited possessor.

Of course, according to Sheriff Israel, you’re the one who should have your Second Amendment liberties taken away, even if you’ve never done anything wrong. So, law-abiding gun owners=punished, psychologically troubled juvenile delinquents with a history of violence=off the hook.

One of the many signs they ignored were posts Cruz made on Instagram where he claimed he wanted to kill people. Police were alerted to these comments, and yet nothing was done.

Well, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, who witnessed just last year the worst mass shooting in the history of our nation, weren’t about to make the same mistake when they caught wind of an eigth-grader making similar threats on Instagram.

Fox5Vegas reports that as soon as the threats were discovered by school administrators, they contacted police, who took the 13-year-old into custody.

“At least five posts to Instagram terrified valley parents and students last weekend. Parents said an eighth-grader posted, ‘Prepare for school on Monday’, and ‘I’m going to murder you,’ among other things, Fox reports.

The eight-grader attended Pinecrest Academy St. Rose, where school administrators alerted parents of the threat once he was in police custody.

“My daughter is 13 and we got the screenshots of it [Sunday]. My daughter was freaking out,” said Lierin Gorsky, who has three children who attend Pinecrest Academy. “Psychiatric help. I think he needs inpatient psychiatric care,” she added of the would-be shooter.

Imagine if Broward Sheriff’s Deputies had responded the same way in Parkland, 17 students and teachers might still be breathing today and we never would have heard off Scott Israel, Nikolas Cruz, or Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High School.

At the end of the day, the lesson is always the same: guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Gun laws don’t save lives, police doing their jobs save lives. We need to stop blaming the weapon and start holding people, no matter how young, accountable for their actions.