Lakers Win NBA Title; Fans Toss Out Virus Restrictions, Some Go After Cops

The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA title on Sunday evening, which then resulted in thousands upon thousands of fans celebrating the team’s victory by completely tossing coronavirus restrictions in the garbage and going completely bonkers outside the Los Angeles Staples Center.

At one point during the “celebration,” folks began to violently target law enforcement officers, tossing rocks and bottles at them.

via Daily Wire:

Despite the coronavirus restrictions placed on public activity in California and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti urging fans to stay home and avoid congregating, fans ignored the warnings and gathered en masse.

“LAPD went into tactical alert and declared the gathering an unlawful assembly,” KABC reported. “Cars were seen performing ‘donuts’ and ‘burnouts,’ some cars were swarmed by fans in the streets. Multiple fireworks were set off and there were isolated reports of small groups throwing rocks and bottles at police.”

On Friday, Garcetti stated that fans should not jeopardize “all the progress we have made in our fight against COVID-19 isn’t reversed from one night of celebration. I encourage you to yell at the top of your lungs inside your homes, maybe even open up the window or step outside your door as we’ve done for our first responders and essential medical workers to thank them. Let’s thank the Lakers when they win, but let’s do it safe,” The Daily Mail noted.

Here’s a few tweets to show you what all went down:

“The mob started as a few intoxicated and rowdy Lakers fans began throwing beer bottles and other ‘projectiles’ at uniformed police officers that swarmed the arena,” a piece published by the Bleacher Report said. “The few isolated incidents soon grew to a large mob of sports fans which soon made their way down the streets of Los Angeles turning over police cars and breaking into local businesses. Some innocent bystanders became injured in the incident as the horde came rushing down the streets.”

So is rioting and causing havoc just the new way we all respond to things now? Because it certainly seems that is what people do, whether the news they get is good or bad.

Also, what happened to everyone worrying about spreading the coronavirus? Why does these restrictions just up and disappear whenever crazy folks like this appear out of thin air? Why doesn’t the media talk about it?

Because to do so would mean they would be abandoning the race narrative they’ve worked so hard to create. Ridiculous, right?