LA Mayor Puts New COVID Restrictions Into Place As Cases Continue To Spike: ‘Cancel Everything’

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti issued a new spate of coronavirus lockdown restrictions for the city as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to reach record highs.

According to the city’s public health department, there has been 414,185 total cases, with a staggering 6,000 on Wednesday, less than a month away from the Christmas holiday.

“It’s time to hunker down,” the mayor stated in a video released on Wednesday. “It’s time to cancel everything, and if it isn’t essential, don’t do it. Don’t meet up with others outside your household. Don’t host a gathering. Don’t attend a gathering.”

The orders issued by the mayor requires all citizens in the city to stay at home, unless they are participating in a list of “essential activities.” Along with this, businesses are to cease operations.

via Fox News:

Public transportation and gatherings are prohibited with the exception of gatherings for outdoor religious services and outdoor protests with social distancing and face masks.

Essential activities include health care operations, grocery store visits, farming, social services, media and music production, plumbing and electricity work and so on, according to the order.

“Our City is now close to a devastating tipping point, beyond which the number of hospitalized patients would start to overwhelm our hospital system, in turn risking needless suffering and death,” a Wednesday public order from Garcetti reads. “These unfortunate facts about the spread of COVID-19 in our City mean that we must resume some of the more restrictive measures we instituted in the Spring.”

So these folks are trying the same thing they did back in the spring time, which obviously didn’t work because, well, the virus is still here kicking butt and taking names.

If lockdowns and masks are ineffective, why do we all continue to do them? Why are folks not pushing back harder against these phony measures?


Folks are scared of the virus and looking for any source of comfort they can find. If the government says, “wear a mask and you’ll be safe,” that’s what they are going to do.

However, doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results is insanity. Hopefully soon, someone will get the point.