Kyle Rittenhouse Drops Huge Warning For Mainstream Media

Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who was recently acquitted for two fatal shootings stemming from an incident back in the summer of 2020 in the state of Wisconsin, issued a warning to various media outlets that he might be about to drop some lawsuits on them for their slandering him during the coverage of his trial and when he was first arrested.

Turning Point USA put on an event Monday where Rittenhouse made an appearance, saying, “accountability is coming, I’d be on the lookout,” a statement that elicited major cheers from the audience, according to a story published by the Arizona Republic.

via Newsmax:

In a separate interview with Fox News at the conference site, Rittenhouse was asked if he thought a trend was developing in which the media was starting to face consequences for its coverage of people like him and Nick Sandmann — who recently settled with a major network over its coverage of his viral confrontation with protester Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial in 2019.

“Good for him,” Rittenhouse went on to say during his interview with Fox News.

Rittenhouse hasn’t announced any lawsuits against heavyweights such as CNN, which also reached a settlement with Sandmann.

Rittenhouse told the packed conference — which drew about 6,700 people — that he was a scapegoat for a government effort to disarm the public, asserting he took the stand at his trial “to tell the world what happened in Kenosha, the truth, unlike with the prosecution tried to do. That’s why I took the stand,” the Republic reported.

“I think my trial was an example of them trying to come after our Second Amendment rights, our right to defend ourselves and trying to take our weapons,” Rittenhouse went on to state, the Republic reported.

Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges against him by a jury back in November after a highly publicized trial.

The conference held in Phoenix was sponsored by Turning Point USA, which is a student-focused movement that stands up for free markets and limited government.

According to the Republic, the convention mood was celebratory at Rittenhouse’s appearance. Inside the hall, the audience chanted “Kyle, Kyle, Kyle” waiting for the teenager to come on stage — and then gave him a standing ovation.

“You’re a hero to millions, it’s an honor to be able to have you,” Turning Point USA head Charlie Kirk said to the 18-year-old Rittenhouse.

According to Andrew Kolvet, a spokesman for the Turning Point USA group, Rittenhouse was not paid for his appearance.

Though the controversy of Rittenhouse’s brief enrollment at Arizona State University was not brought up by the conference panel, in his interview with Fox News, Rittenhouse defended himself amid backlash by students who demanded the administration “withdraw” him from the school.

“I deserve an education like anybody else, and I look forward to attending in the spring,” Rittenhouse said during the Fox News interview.

He then told Fox News that he’d definitely do things differently than he did back in 2020.

“[With] what I was dragged through and what I had to go through — to facing life in prison — I wouldn’t say it was worth it,” he remarked, adding, “hindsight being 20/20.”