Kids Get Busted By School For Singing ‘Racially Offensive’ Rap Song On Way To Prom

A crazy couple of high school students are about to get the smack laid down on them by their school after they were busted singing along to what is being called a “racially offensive” rap song on the way to their prom.

Yes, that’s right, folks. A rap song, which like the vast majority of rap songs probably has some dude tossing the “n-word” around, just got labeled “racially offensive.” Wonder if it’s only “racially offensive” when white people sing along to it?

via Daily Wire:

According to WHEC news, a viral Snapchat video showed the students singing to rapper Lil Uzi Vert’s hit “You Was Right” in a limo headed to junior prom. The song includes sexual language and the N-word.

“The video showed the students in a limo singing along to a ‘song that included racially offensive language.’ The district met with concerned students and students who produced the video on Tuesday,” the report said.

In a statement from Webster Central School District sent to WHEC, administration said that involved students’ parents were contacted so they “could discuss the hurtful and offensive language that was heard in the video.”

“Webster CSD was recently made aware of a video that was made on Saturday, June 1, during a limo ride as Webster Schroeder High School students were attending the junior prom. The video showed students singing along to a song that included racially offensive language,” the statement read. “Webster CSD takes these matters very seriously and the building administration has been in contact with the students in the video. Parents were also contacted so that they, too, could discuss the hurtful and offensive language that was heard in the video.”

The school said, “Today, very productive restorative sessions took place involving Webster Schroeder’s administrators, students who expressed their dismay and concern with this particular video, and students who produced the video.”

In other words, they were shamed and forced to apologize just for singing along to a song that had the “n-word” in it. Do you get the feeling that the whole hypocrisy of that word being in rap music to begin with probably didn’t come up in this “productive dialogue?”

The school stated they cannot share the nature of the disciplinary action the students faced as that would violate student and family privacy.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the insanity of political correctness. Listen, they weren’t on school property, so how does the school have any authority to punish them for something not done on their property? Was the limo paid for by the school or something?

Look, there’s no argument about the impropriety of the word being used. The insanity is that they were punished by the school for this and that the whole topic of the word being used in this style of music was never brought up.

Welcome to twenty-first century America.