Kash Patel Says Durham’s Supoenas Demonstrate He’s Following The Money Trail

According to former prosecutor and chief of staff for the Department of Defense, Kash Patel, special counsel John Durham’s latest rounds of supoenas concerning the current investigation into the FBI probe into Russian interference back in the 2016 presidential election demonstrates powerful moves due to his calls for bank records as the “best way to prove criminal corruption is to follow the money.”

“The moves he’s taking as you highlighted with subpoenaing of bank records are powerful,” Patel stated during an interview on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “They speak for themselves and are more powerful than any testimony … in this case, the Democratic lawyers and the Hillary Clinton campaign lawyers led the money right to Durham.”

via Newsmax:

The new round of subpoenas come after Durham charged Hillary Clinton’s former campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann in an indictment alleging he lied to federal investigators in September 2016, when he gave them data that he claimed showed a connection between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank in Russia.

The new subpoenas follow Durham’s charging former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann with lying to federal investigators at a meeting in September 2016, in which he gave FBI agents data that he claimed showed a link between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank in Russia.

In his subpoenas, Durham is seeking documents from Sussman’s former law firm, Perkins Coie,┬áthe firm represented both the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s presidential campaign. The law firm was also the one that hired the research company that paid former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, who wrote the discredited dossier about then-candidate Donald Trump.

Patel then stated on Monday that while there are a lot of folks who are frustrated at how long the Durham investigation is taking, he said that two years is “not a long time” for this kind of probe, pointing that two indictments have already been made.

“He’s looking at a large-scale conspiracy case,” Patel commented. “Let’s take the Michael Sussman indictment, for example. Lying to the FBI is a case that’s brought frequently and it’s usually a two-to-three-page indictment. John Durham issued a 27-page indictment, It’s what we call a speaking indictment, and I, as a federal prosecutor, did the same when I wanted to educate the American public on the ongoings of my current investigation.”

He then noted that the indictment helped shed light on the actions of eight different individuals, and now Durham is setting his sights on bank records.

“When I was running the ‘Russiagate’ investigation for Chairman [Devin] Nunes, I took the deposition, I questioned Michael Sussman, the same deposition that was cited by John Durham in his indictment,” Patel commented. “I think Jake Sullivan, the current national security advisor, who had been deposed as well, is in a similar situation about lying, either to the FBI or to the American public.”

“The best way to prove that, though, is through bank records, and in this case, Durham is saying that the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign ‘paid Michael Sussman to start this fraudulent investigation, and then [he] lied to the FBI,’ said Patel,” the report added.