Kanye West Booted From Twitter For Sharing ‘Private Information’

Rap icon Kanye West was given the old boot from Twitter, having his account suspended after posting up a series of tweets on Wednesday that the social media company alleged was posting “private information.”

According to reports from Newsweek, a spokesperson for the company said that West as suspended for 12 hours for posting up the private phone number of a Forbes editor and encouraging his followers and fans to call the person.

via Daily Wire:

“The Tweet was removed for posting private information, and the account has been temporarily locked in accordance with our Private Information policy,” the social media giant confirmed.

Another tweet featured West urinating on a Grammy Award he had placed in a toilet.

In yet another tweet, Kanye West floated conspiracy theories about how the music industry killed Prince and Michael Jackson.

“We used to diss Michael Jackson the media made us call him crazy…then they killed him,” West he said in one tweet. “Let’s get it big bro…you and Michael passed so we can live,” he said in another tweet in which he shared a photo of the late musician Prince.

Not long after the ban happened, the hashtag #FreeYe started trending.

All week long West has been hammering on the music industry. He stated that both the industry and the NBA are “modern-day slave ships,” while drawing comparisons between himself and Moses.

Here’s to hoping all is well for Kanye, who does suffer from bi-polar disorder, a condition which might add to the color of his rhetoric during tweets storms of this nature.