Kanye West and David Letterman Duke It Out Over Anti-Trump Liberal Violence

The liberal media despises individualism and eagerly quashes even the most rational dissenting opinions.

I know, big surprise.

Still, it’s exciting when, once in a very blue moon, someone stands up to the leftist pundits and calls them out on thoughtpolicing.

Heck, I’ll even get excited when a dude like Kanye West has the nerve to stand up to leftist bullying. We don’t have to agree with every person on every issue in order to stand up and clap when they get something right, y’all.

In an interview on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, the chart-topping rapper gave the leftist lemmings a side of Trump supporters they don’t get to see in MSM coverage.

In the past, Kanye has discussed his fondness for MAGA hats and the bold statement they make against leftist bullies. West also pointed out the fact that he’s nowhere near alone in being a big name Trump supporter, but many others legitimately fear losing their jobs if they dare to take that stand:

We don’t all have to feel the same way about things. This is my thing with Trump. We don’t have to feel the same way, but we have the right to feel what we feel, and we have the right to have a conversation, a dialogue, not a diatribe about it. Like, say, when I wear the hat, it’s not about politics. It’s not about policies. For me, once again: fear. I got people that I work with, black, female, all different types of people that I work with that love Trump, voted for Trump, scared for [their] life to tell anyone.

Of course, Letterman continually tried to redirect the conversation with leftist talking points about voter suppression and Trump “hurting people” (and getting awkward, cued laughter for his efforts) but West wasn’t having it.


David: You know what I was stunned by in the midterm elections was the aggressive organization and attempt at voter suppression. Now, we’re not talking about the 1918, we’re talking about 2018, and it’s still going on and being encouraged. So, if I see a person I admire talking about [how] Donald Trump can think whatever he does, I wonder if those thoughts indirectly aren’t hurting people who are already being hurt.

Kanye: Well, how do you feel for the people that voted for his him that are being treated like enemies of America, because that’s what they felt, and they had that opportunity?

David: Every time there’s a presidential election: “time for a change.” It’s endemic. It’s part of the system, and its what keeps this democracy in motion, and it’s always the argument, “You know what the country needs? Is a businessman to run it like a business.” So, the people that voted for him, I understand that, but I wonder to myself, “Are these people ultimately going to be victimized?” And I think now, the people, in good faith, looking to get the country to help them a little more than it has by electing a business guy, I think are now being hurt for it, and I would think that, would not try it again.

Kanye: Have you ever been beat up in your high school for wearing the wrong hat?

David: I just been beat up cause people didn’t like me.

Kanye: Yeah.

David: But I know what you’re saying.

Kanye: The idea is the bullying.

David: Who’s the bully in this scenario?

Kanye: Well, definitely liberals bully people who are Trump supporters. It’s not just calm. You can’t just go and wear the hat. You can’t just go, it’s like, “Fuck you!” Like it’s like.. bro, I have… People, the thing is, in America, we have rights, and we have rights to open the conversation.

Time and time again, the left has proven that they are the hateful bigots in this nightmare. It’s like an M. Night Shyamalan movie. Anyone in a MAGA hat might as well be wearing a swastika armband to them.

Kanye might be, well, unorthodox, but he’s got my “amen” for standing up to these people.